Sports betting: Betting insight

Sports betting enjoy an enormous popularity. In this country, sports betting has become increasingly popular in recent years. In almost every city, there are numerous small and large betting shops. On the Internet also can be seen a boom of online betting offers. The interest is very high, but how sports betting actually work?

What bet?

Sports betting money is set to certain sporting events. Bookmakers are primarily either traditional betting shops on site, where use and gains are cash on and paid, or online bookmakers (bookmaker), where the betting money is credited to the established betting account (deposit as a credit card, bank transfer or online -payment such as PayPal, Moneybookers or Neteller). Depending on the provider, there are different fees.

On which sports to bet?

Today, for almost all sports bets can be placed. Football bets are the most popular. Of course, we should not forget the other bets, such as tennis, ice hockey, boxing, Formula 1 races, ski races or American sports like baseball, basketball or football, as well as in animal competitions, such as Horseracing or dog racing. Even in our latitudes people tend to bet of “obscure” sports such as cricket, curling or lacrosse.

What are betting shops, bookmakers and betting exchanges?

Sports betting as already stated, offer at fixed odds. Under betting professionals Oddset, however, frowned upon because of the meagre odds and betting options are very extremely limited. In recent years is developed a more modern form of sports betting where no one bets against a bookmaker, but against other punters. To so-called betting exchanges can you do that and take out not only normal sports betting, but also slip into the role of the bookmaker, offer their own odds and (buy so and sell) well as for trading on stock exchanges with closed betting slips act.

Because the bookmakers margin falls away here on betting exchanges have higher rates than are possible with bookmakers. However, should not be a secret that winning bets on betting exchanges for a fee (the “Commission”) is payable, which weakens the argument of high bit rates. Examples of reputable online betting exchanges include mybet, Betfair, Betdaq or Betfair.

Research in sports betting and other recommendations

The most important thing in sports betting is to research before starting the game. Without extensive research, they have on long-term basis no success with sports betting. Especially in football, betting is possible dealing intensely with the game. These are for example Websites, television, newspapers, etc.

Another requirement for success is owning a betting account with many online bookmakers. This allows them to compare the odds and play the best. However, you should only make a bet, if you are convinced of the real rate. The use of multiple betting accounts has the advantage that you get almost every bookmaker a deposit bonus, which is often up to 100.

I recommend you not to complete too many bets, but bets each week 2-3 to pick and play, when the rate adjusts. To me it happens often that I find no bet when I am convinced of the quota to complete the bet. In addition, my bet is always the same no matter what odds I make a bet. A further tip from me is not to play surebets. In my early days, I often completed surebet, but there you have to watch very well. With many bookmakers, rules of each sport are often very different. E.G. These are the rules for a task in tennis is not the same for each bookmaker. It can also happen that I change the quota has been completed while his bet with a bookmaker already and it is therefore no longer surebet.

Finally, I would not advise any stakes select too high, especially at the beginning. Some make the mistake at a lost bet to increase the use and over again until you win again. This can be bad ends, as there are often tears the unlucky one must overcome. In addition, folds I advise.

Sports betting strategy: Final tennis betting

There are different bets on the same event. An example: Tennis Grand Slam final betting (and possibly at other tournaments.)

At the French Open, there are different bets on the same game!

The Women’s final!

  • Ladies First-time Roland Garros champion 2006. YES / NO
  • Women’s Roland Garros 2006 Nationality winner? A / B
  • Women’s Roland Garros 2006 tournament champion Henin / Kuznetsova
  • Women’s Roland Garros 2006 Final Henin – Kuznetsova normal rate bet

Status: On the eve of the finale! In addition, ditto for the men.

Now can exploit the fact that although all bets accurately assess the same game, but with all other betting odds are offered!

Example in the men: (Nadal – Federer)

  • Roland Garros 2006 Tournament first-time winner No / Yes 1.67 vs. 2.02
  • Roland Garros 2006 Tournament winner Nationality SPA / SUI vs. 1.54. 2.00
  • Roland Garros 2006 tournament winner Nadal / Federer vs. 1.74. 2.34
  • Roland Garros 2006 Mens Final betting odds Nadal / Federer vs. 1.73. 2.36

Now I can live like I am in any case gain! e.g.:

  • 10 EUR for Nadal as winner of the tournament at 1.74 (“back”)
  • 10 EUR against SPA as tournament winner to 1.54 (“lay”)
  • EUR 10 Federer Final winner to 2.36 (“back”)
  • 10 EUR for SUI as a tournament winner to 2.00 (“lay”)

My bet is 10.00 + 15.40 + 10.00 + 20.00 = 55.40 EUR

My net profit is then either 1.13 EUR (Nadal) or 2.42 EUR (Federer) (5% net charge of bet fair out already counted). It seems not much, the figure is only 2.04% and 4.37%, but profit is guaranteed! If I say we make a year at 20 finals, I have at 2.04% from 55.40 EUR 82.32 EUR after 20 Finals, at 4.37% from 55.40 EUR 130.32 EUR made after 20 finals!